Welcome to D theme for da Web. Your Web site might benefit from a new theme. D-theme.com lets you see themes in action and test themes online. There is a page describing each theme and every theme page is themed by the theme mentioned in the page. The rest of the site is themed by a default theme that you can change. Simply register on the site to get your login id then login to select a different theme for the site.


The registration process sends you an email to confirm your email address. A future addition will be optional mailing list to announce new themes and features.

When you login, you edit your account and select the theme you want to use for a while. All the parts of the site with no specific theme will use the theme specified in your account. You can try a different theme every day or every hour.

Blocks, Regions

Drupal can produce content as blocks for placement anywhere on a page. Drupal themes provide regions to receive blocks. D-theme is starting to list the regions available in a theme and provide a sample block in each region. Closure is a special region at the end of the page for Javascript and does not contain a sample block.

Themes by type

There are 464 themes uploaded from drupal.org plus themes created locally then validated and classified into the following lists to simplify your search. Themes with Drupal 7 versions will be tagged Drupal 7.

Featured theme

The following theme is featured as the default for this site.


Skyliner uses pure CSS, not code, to format whatever is produced by Drupal.

CSS 2.1: 


Welcome to D theme for da Web. This splurt of bad mafia speak, the original introduction to this site, was brought on by a night at a pseudo Italian pizza place in Sunshine Beach. There is the Costa Noosa Espresso cafe for fresh roasted coffee and a few doors away, the pizza place pretending to be a mafia hangout. The coffee place has substance, good coffee, but the pizza place serves ordinary pizzas and survives on the fun theme.

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